Say goodbye to Gromp, Krug, Murk Wolf, Raptor and Scuttle Crab, names in lobby are comeback

We Brothers, We Rise.

Detect ape inters in lobby.

Dodges are comeback.

Why you should use Lobby Reveal ?

The following scenario shows the day by day life of an average League of Legends player and it justifies the use of Lobby Reveal.


You consider yourself a happy person and decide to play a few games of League of Legends, but we both know you’re playing the most toxic game ever created.

You decide to play some ranked games because you’re tired of seeing your favorite streamer at high elo while you’ve been at the same elo for several years.

You join the lobby, and pick your main champ with your favorite skin. Your hopes of winning are higher than Elon Musk getting control of Twitter.

After trying to win a 35-minute game with one or more inters, people who are allergic to the sun and have fewer lights than a pirate ship, you lose the game … It’s -18lp.

Now you’re more tilted than TeNSe in CS GO and you’re about to punch your monitor.

You tried to calm down and think as a civilized human being and write a ticket to RIOT despite knowing the only thing they can read are the monthly paychecks.

Riot opens the ticket and closes it knowing they can’t do anything to fix the game except shut down the servers and start working as gardeners after seeing the game is completely out of control.

Like the addict you are, you queue again. Mysteriously you see the same champion and the same skin that matches the latest inter.

Yes, it’s him again. Now you know you’ll lose another game and 25 minutes of your life for nothing because of this elo terrorist.

The inter ending with 0/13/12 score, hugging enemy tower and typing “You are bad, stay mad”.

Now you know you’re going to enter the legendary League of Legends LOSERSQ, and your history will be painted in one color only, the red one.

But what if I told you that you could see summoner name in lobby, avoid the inter plus you wouldn’t be banned or punished?

Lobby Reveal is the ultimate solution to dodge the inter and find out who is in your lobby and it’s free.


No, RIOT can only know that you are using this tool if you type the names in the lobby.

If you don’t share the information in the chat, No. Use the information wisely.

Yes, absolutely sure. Lobby Reveal is made not to touch or modify any RIOT files, so there are no logs of its use.

Nope. The original creator it called “Riotphobia”. All credit belongs to Riotphobia.

This person or organization does not belong to this website. We have only taken the tool and make it available to everyone.

It is completely safe to use the tool.

Check VirusTotal Report

Yes, only for Windows.

It is very simple. You do the same as usual with the difference that you must run the LobbyReveal.exe when you are in the lobby. Then the names of the summoners will appear.

One last thing!

Our recommendation for you is to uninstall this horseshit game. You will be a happier person if you do it, no bullshit.